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SS 2022 Collection: War & Peace

This collection was inspired by 1940s Japan and merges Japanese and American fashion. Each garment is derived from two fashion staples: the kimono and the military jacket as the designs explore the juxtaposition of femininity and edge, east and west, and war and peace.


Shown at the Brooklyn Public Library on June 24, 2022

BKLYN Fashion Academy's American History En Vogue Runway Show.

Photo Credit: Michaelle Chapoteau 

Video Credit: Phenomenal Woman Media Group

Models: Stephany Roberty, Lauren Domingo, Aniqua Booker, Arifa Akter, and Ariel Teran

Special thank you to: Winnie Siclait, Ben Mach, BKLYN Fashion Academy Team, Ashley, Behind the Rack NY, Major Face NYC, and the Brooklyn Public Library 

67% of the collection was made from secondhand/deadstock fabrics from FABScrap.

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